My daily routine is wake up, grab my phone, stumble to the bathroom (admit do it too!) and check email and Facebook. Because SO much has happened in the 4-8 hours while I was asleep. Then almost every hour or so of the day I check FB, yet again. It's become more of a nervous reflex rather than an actual need or want.
  1. 8am: I opened FB as usual before realizing, 'Oh yeah, I'm quitting FB'. I quickly closed FB before it loaded...only saw blue and white, PHEW!
  2. 10am: Grabbed my phone and saw the "3" red notification bubble hovering over my FB App, I opened it. Waiting for it to load, I said, "Oh, I'm not supposed to be on FB" and quickly closed it. Again only seeing blue and white. At least the bubble is gone.
  3. But who am I kidding, the bubble may be gone but I know I have at least 3 unread notifications. Ugh!!!
  4. 12:30pm: Thumb hovers over FB, I want to see what's happening. But List App instead.
  5. 2:15pm: Playing on my phone, trying to avoid FB. Finally conclude, F* it, I'm going in. Open FB, then quickly close it saying "No, I can do this!" Still only saw blue and white.
  6. Either my inner dialogue has quick reflexes or my phone is slow. Whichever is more accurate...I am thankful!
  7. 4-7:30pm: Took a nap. The best way to avoiding FB, be unconscious.
  8. 8pm: Decided to create lists as avoidance to FB.
  9. Hopefully, I sleep tonight or else I'm screwed!!!