Day One Without Facebook, Here's How It's Going

My daily routine is wake up, grab my phone, stumble to the bathroom (admit do it too!) and check email and Facebook. Because SO much has happened in the 4-8 hours while I was asleep. Then almost every hour or so of the day I check FB, yet again. It's become more of a nervous reflex rather than an actual need or want.
  1. 8am: I opened FB as usual before realizing, 'Oh yeah, I'm quitting FB'. I quickly closed FB before it loaded...only saw blue and white, PHEW!
  2. 10am: Grabbed my phone and saw the "3" red notification bubble hovering over my FB App, I opened it. Waiting for it to load, I said, "Oh, I'm not supposed to be on FB" and quickly closed it. Again only seeing blue and white. At least the bubble is gone.
  3. But who am I kidding, the bubble may be gone but I know I have at least 3 unread notifications. Ugh!!!
  4. 12:30pm: Thumb hovers over FB, I want to see what's happening. But List App instead.
  5. 2:15pm: Playing on my phone, trying to avoid FB. Finally conclude, F* it, I'm going in. Open FB, then quickly close it saying "No, I can do this!" Still only saw blue and white.
  6. Either my inner dialogue has quick reflexes or my phone is slow. Whichever is more accurate...I am thankful!
  7. 4-7:30pm: Took a nap. The best way to avoiding FB, be unconscious.
  8. 8pm: Decided to create lists as avoidance to FB.
  9. Hopefully, I sleep tonight or else I'm screwed!!!