Don't be afraid to laugh, it's okay to admit that these are pretty hilarious! 😂🤓
  1. Q: What do you call a cow with no legs? A: Ground Beef.
  2. Q: What do you call a sad cow? A: Udderly depressed
  3. Q: What animal lives on a farm and goes "Oooo"? A: A cow with no lips.
  4. Q: What do you call a cow that twitches? A: Beef Jerky
  5. Q: What do you call a cow with two legs? A: Lean Beef
  6. Q: What do you call a cow who just gave birth? A: DeCALFenated
  7. Q: What do cows do for entertainment? A: They go to the MOOvies.
  8. Q: Why are cows such bad listeners? A: Because it will just go in one ear and out the UDDER.
  9. Q: What would be a dream job for a cow? A: Baker; because they are excellent at making cow pies.
  10. Q: What are a cows favorite subjects in school? A: MOOsic, PsyCOWology and COWculus.
  11. Q: What do you call a cow in an earthquake? A: A Milkshake
  12. Q: What kind of car would a cow drive? A: A Cattle-ac.
  13. Q: What do you get when you cross a cow with a duck? A: Milk and Quackers
  14. Q: What do you call cattle with a sense of humor? A: A laughing stock.
  15. Q: Have you heard of the dyslexic cow who attained enlightenment? A: He kept repeating, OOOOMMM!
  16. Q: What did the astronaut say when he found bones on the moon? A: Looks like the cow didn't make it.
  17. Q: What did the bored cow say when she woke up in the morning? A: "It's just an UDDER day."