I may be the only one out there that loves a rainy day, but every time it rains I get the 'feels'.
  1. The sound...
    Whether it's the pitter-patter of a soothing drizzle or the poundings of a torrential downpour, I shut down all electronics and just listen.
  2. The smell...
    Especially, the first rain after a hot spell, the scent of the dirt being kicked in the air to be cleansed away.
  3. The puddles...
    I may be in my 30s, but while most adults hop over or walk around puddles, I purposely walk through them. And yes, I even stop and jump at times.
  4. Walks
    Unless, it's bitter cold or flash flooding...there is nothing like walking in the rain. I do my best thinking walking in the rain and in the shower. So, apparently I think best when water is falling on my head! 😝
  5. The symbolism
    Rain represents washing away the pollutants and revitalizing the lives that it touches. For me there is something refreshing about knowing that life shouldn't be stale or toxic, but we need to renew ourselves every so often, to allow for growth.
  6. Rest
    At times I'm constantly on the go, work, errands and other adult responsibilities. But when it rains it makes me stop and reflect.
  7. Comfort
    I always love to sit down with a nice cup of tea and a good book and usually do every night before bed. But when it's raining there is something magical that happens, the story transcends reality and the tea tastes better.
  8. Thunder and Lightning.⛈🌩
    The conversation between thunder and lightning seriously makes me tingle in delight. The roars and clashing resonates through much as a bass cord rattles you from the inside when you stand too close to the speaker...it recharges me.
  9. Singing!
    I would be remiss if I didn't include the adage of singing in the rain. It's certainly is a glorious feeling!!! ☔️