Requested by @BWN_7
Thank you @BWN_7!
  1. I was 12.
  2. We lived in Alaska.
  3. For the first time, it was just my mother and I.
    The rest of our family still lived in Montana.
  4. When my mom wasn't working, we would make homemade bread.
    Loafs, Biscuits, & Fried Bread! The best bread EVER!!
  5. The bread took forever to knead and rise...
  6. So, we played card games and hung out.
  7. We laughed and just enjoyed each other.
  8. We didn't really usually get along, but the fights were minimal during this time.
  9. It was the most pleasant memory I have of my mother.
  10. She passed away almost 6 years ago...
  11. I would give anything to relive this moment.
  12. I actually wouldn't mind if it became my 'Groundhog's Day'