Or at least trying too!!
  1. Too many Politics, LITERALLY! Seriously, enough already!
  2. I am tired of people tearing each other down. Let people believe and like what they want.
  3. Do I really have 247 friends? I didn't think so.
  4. We have only so many trips around the sun...why do I feel the need to spend it distancing myself with FB?
  5. I constantly feel the need to compare myself, my life's success and failures, based on the lives I see people living on FB. And honestly, it's not healthy.
  6. Sadly, it brings out people's true character. It makes me sad when people think they can use social media to forgo consequences.
  7. Do I really need to see the latest memes?
  8. As cute as they may be, has my life changed by watching puppy and kitten videos?
  9. I'm hungry for sustenance that I can't get from FB or TV/Netflix for that matter. I can't stop reading, have an urge to delve into topics from TED talks and I even want to go back to school.
  10. But it all comes down to intention. I feel like society has lost the importance of being intentional in life. Intentional with relationships, experiences and self-care. Let's call up one of our 200 friends to talk about life. Let's take the time and show our friends and family we care by writing them a handwritten letter.
  11. Easier said than done, I know! This is going to be hell! But if I can do it...it'll be SO worth it!!