1. I can now Milanese and Piccata
  2. Perloo and Kimchi
  3. I can pan fry fish, like catfish and cod
  4. I've cooked with fennel, eggplant, celeriac, poblano peppers, chard, kale, chestnuts
  5. I now know how to make homemade dressings, aioli, and remoulade
  6. I can pickle vegetables
  7. Red sauces like for cacciatore, yeah, I can make those from scratch; no jar of sauce needed
  8. Did I mention bolognese? Yum
  9. Sufferin' Succotash! I can make succotash
  10. Grains like freekeh, grits, Kamut, bulgar and pastas like fregola sarda
  11. Romesco sauce...so good
  12. I've done things with vinegars I never knew I could
  13. Brassica anyone? I've learned stuff too, like how kale is a brassica.
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