There is a reason I haven't been listing. I am writing this on a very cracked screen.
  1. Proves once and for all that I love my children more than my phone
    My son broke phone 1 hunting Pokémon and I was still willing to let him hold phone 2. Hours later my daughter knocked the stroller over and I let phone 2 fall to the ground rather than her.
  2. Reminds me that people can be amazing and kind
    Man-Genius gave me a new one on Friday, just swapped it right out- no charge.
  3. Gives me a chance to go to the mall more than I normally would (need to go back tomorrow to get screen replaced)
    Thus getting me and the kids out of the dangerous sun and it's crazy, cancer-causing UV rays
  4. Car repairs cost way more
    And it's not like I have never scratched or dented the car the day after I had it repaired.
  5. Computer replacement costs way more
    And it's not like I have never spilled hot chocolate all over a Macbook a month after I had it replaced.
  6. Gives me so many things to list about
    Upcoming list ideas: the true story of how I managed to go through five iPhones in eight months.
  7. Has forced me type on broken glass between trips to the Apple store
    Which will make the normal crappy iPhone keyboard seem so awesome by comparison
  8. Has shown me how much I love
    I am risking glass splinters as I type.
  9. Shows me that husband probably loves me
    I am a liability. Clearly. He hasn't even lectured me*
  10. It reminds me about fragilty
    So very grateful for the important things I have.
  11. *about this particular issue