1. Anything left over on your kid's plate
    Bowls count too. Obviously.
  2. Anything sample-sized
    That's why Costco dining is such a healthy dinner option.
  3. Anything kid-sized
    I mean have you guys seen a kiddie cone? It's basically just air.
  4. Hershey's Kisses, Kraft caramels, fun-size chocolate bars
    Because of all the energy you burn unwrapping them.
  5. One bite of anything
    This is based on the same science as the sample rule.
  6. Your kids' bread crusts, apple peel, the end piece of cake that no-one wants
    The cake apparently has negative calories if it is slightly stale/has been sitting around more than four days.
  7. Cookie crumbs
    Also brownie crumbs, but they have to happen organically
  8. White chocolate
    This one has not been proven but I just got a bunch on sale. It doesn't taste chocolatey enough to have calories.