1. Home gym: have grown accustomed to my cardio machine after eight years of use
    I recently ate an Aero bar while doing cardio. It was yummy.
  2. Hotel gym: newer, cooler machines
    Makes listing and emailing trickier as I am actually sweating.
  3. Home gym: outfit involves sports bra and nine-year-old shorts.
    And glasses. It's a great look.
  4. Hotel gym: hotel supplies super-cute, stylish workout wear.
    Currently wearing exact same outfit as woman approximately twenty years older on machine next to me. Thanking lucky stars it's not the reverse.
  5. Home gym: kids frequently underfoot. Toys everywhere.
    This happened over the course of forty minutes on a Saturday. I presume this makes Kevin seem infinitely more attractive, @Lindi?
  6. Hotel gym: strangers underfoot. Have to fight for equipment with huge-necked men and skinny guys with something to prove.
    Other people's sweat! Ew!
  7. Home gym: stop when it hurts
    No need to lift anything heavy. Kids basically think that lifting twelve pound weights makes me the Hulk
  8. Hotel gym: stop only if I am sure no-one is watching
    Don't want to look like a wimp to random strangers who haven't noticed me and will likely never see me again.