A Poem About Envy
  1. I often read about listers meeting
  2. And lately my jealousy is more than fleeting
  3. Actually envy is the word I should use
  4. Because I still want you all to have fun, whenever you choose
  5. The thing is that I want to be there as well
  6. And not just to have a story to tell
  7. I want to put faces to all of these great listers
  8. Like @marymurphy and her endless supply of brothers and sisters
  9. There are also several people named Kaitlyn, Katie and Kate
  10. Who seem like they are incredibly great
  11. And I want to know if Captain All Caps, @PeteOnEarth, does NOTHING BUT YELL
  12. So many people I would love to meet— I can't possibly name them all
  13. Because I am slightly shy, and lists full of tags can feel a little too inside-baseball.
  14. My point is that you should all come to Canada
  15. If you did, you would wind up a Fan-ada,
  16. We are a nice people, we say sorry a lot
  17. And contrary to what they say, in the summer it's hot
  18. Our PM is Justin, and he has great hair
  19. Better than Donald (and Hillary, if i'm being fair).
  20. Most of us speak French, for those listers from France
  21. And we have beavers and geese, and we know how to dance
    Kind of
  22. Your dollar is worth more here than anywhere around
  23. Unless you want to compare it to the British pound
  24. In sum, listers please consider this my application
  25. To make Ontario, Canada the next meet-up destination
    Or if that fails, we will be in Fort Lauderdale for the month of February. Any Floridians? 😉