Rated-R for mature audiences.
  1. First some background information
    It might be too personal, is that possible on this app?
  2. Here it is:
    Last chance to turn back.
  3. I am a regular bikini waxer
    I have have been going for waxes every four weeks for many years (even while pregnant).
  4. Now for the story
    Since we've gotten the awkwardness out of the way (mostly).
  5. My kids and I were walking home from the park and my daughter announced that she REALLY had to pee
    It was around 7 p.m.
  6. So we stopped at the closest pub
    It was very crowded
  7. They have a single bathroom immediately off the bar
    Large enough for all my kids to pile in
  8. My daughter peed and I decided that I might as well go too
    We could hear the chatter from just beyond the bathroom door
  9. I pull down my pants
    And my daughter sees my almost-ready-to-wax bikini area (it was Thursday and my appointment was Saturday).
  10. And says: "Mommy! Your vagina is sooo hairy"
    Loudly. Above the chatter.
  11. I froze
    And resisted the urge to yell "is not!". It took so much self-control.
  12. I also thought about mentioning my upcoming appointment, loudly.
    Or starting a conversation about a little girl named Regina who has a lot of hair 🙄
  13. Instead, I decided to just say shhhhhhhhh
    And plan my escape
  14. I considered waiting until closing time to leave
    But as that was six or seven hours away, it wasn't practical
  15. So we washed hands and slunk out
    While I looked at the floor, praying that I wouldnt see anyone I knew.
  16. The end.