1. Several time recently she has noted that she is the only one in our family with a round tummy
    My husband would be very flattered in another context.
  2. And I always reply that everyone is shaped differently and that I love her tummy and every part of her.
    But lately that is not enough.
  3. So yesterday I told her that her tummy would stretch out as she grows.
    As I suspect it will (she is tiny but still has the shape of a toddler). That seemed to satisfy her.
  4. But I don't know how to handle my five-year-old's body image issues
    Because sweet little five-year-olds aren't supposed to have body image issues.
  5. I just want her to feel happy and confident in her little body.
    Even if her tummy stays round indefinitely. Or gets rounder.
  6. I want her to believe that she is perfect the way she is.
    Because she is. Really.