He is a joy to cook for.
  1. Instruct chef to tear lettuce and chop cucumbers, olives, and tomatoes into tiny pieces
  2. Tell chef to omit tomatoes because you hate them now
  3. Sample feta
  4. Inform chef that you now hate feta and to dispose of offensive food immediately.
  5. Instruct chef to add shredded cheddar to salad in lieu of feta.
  6. Stare at salad. Inform chef that you hate lettuce.
  7. Instruct chef to remove all evidence of lettuce from the salad.
  8. Inform chef that you aren't in the mood for cucumber or olives.
  9. Instruct chef to remove cucumber and olives from the salad.
  10. Enjoy your delicious bowl of shredded cheddar.