1. The list I posted only got two likes
  2. My initial instinct is to say "yikes!"
  3. The only person who will ever find me funny
  4. Is my blindly supportive and biased mummy
    (She also thinks that I am a good rhymer)
  5. I worry that I'm out of touch
  6. They're sick of me! I'm listing too much!
  7. It's because I'm old and boring.
  8. All the talk of my kids, people are abhorring.
  9. I am unfunny and daft,
  10. That dumb list should have stayed a draft.
  11. I am tempted to just take it down
  12. Quickly, quietly, with no-one around.
  13. Taking it down is not a crime!
  14. But first I'll read it one more time
  15. You know, I think this list is kind of okay
  16. And maybe it's the time of day.
  17. The list I posted tells what I am thinking
  18. Completely sober! I haven't been drinking!
  19. Outside validation feels like the best thing ever
  20. But even without it, I am still clever
    (Right, you guys?)
  21. So I will leave my list up in hope that someone finds it smart or funny,
  22. And I'll console myself with the knowledge that I don't do this for money.