I like to entertain and I put a lot of work into hosting fun events. Most of my friends are thoughtful and appreciative, but I have one group of mom-friends who are not. I find their behaviour hurtful. Feel free to tell me in the comments if I am being an over-sensitive, petty, d-bag (but ideally in a nice way, owing to aforementioned sensitivity).
  1. When you and your family consistently show up at my house empty-handed
    I don't need a bottle of wine every time, but the fact that you never bring anything makes me feel like you take me and all of my hard work for granted. Your kid could pick me a dandelion bouquet on the way over, and I'd be thrilled. Note: dandelions should be from your child. If it's an adult-only affair, it loses 99.7 percent of its charm.
  2. When you consistently show up at my house empty-handed and then tell me (and all those around, less one of my friends whom you are not inviting), to bring food and wine to your house for a "moms-only" event because you want your entertaining experience to be "simple".
    I would never dream of coming empty-handed but telling me to bring something to your house *while* you are at my house eating the food I have prepared and drinking the non-alcoholic sparking beverage I picked up just for you, feels like the epitome of tackiness. Because you brought nothing. And I always, always, bring something. Note: this isn't grade eight. Obviously excluding people can be prevented. Send out an invite later.
  3. When you and your family show up at my house and bring beer or wine and then go home with it at the end of the night.
    So confusing. Note: I am trying so hard to believe that your husband was responsible for this.
  4. When I consistently invite you to my house and you don't bother to RSVP
    Sometimes you show up anyway. Other times you don't. It never comes up again. It's the Voldemort of social events. Note: when you do show up, it's empty-handed.
  5. When you do all of the above and then when I see you in the street the next day you ask me for leftovers!
    This happened. Note: I was a little flattered. 🙄