1. She asks how I am
    And I say fine
  2. She asks if I am busy
    I have three young kids and my husband works out or town during the week. The answer is usually yes.
  3. Occasionally when I am having a particularly busy week or two, I feel overwhelmed
    And I admit it.
  4. She offers to help
    I almost always decline.
  5. Once in a while I accept
    If she catches me at a particularly vulnerable moment.
  6. I tell her what I need
    In this instance I ask her if she can pick up my kids from school while I am seeing a medical specialist. The appointment is two weeks away.
  7. She says yes
    And then she hesitates.
  8. She starts talking about how hard it's going to be for her
    What if the weather is bad? What if it's slippery out that day?
  9. She then suggests a completely unhelpful alternative
    Like coming to my appointment with me (thus leaving my kids stranded at school).
  10. I tell her that her new plan actually won't help at all
    And she uses this as an excuse to revoke her initial offer.
  11. She then tells me that she misses my kids
    And I suggest a date she can come over.
  12. She hesitates
    And tells me to call her on the weekend. When she knows we are busy.
  13. She wraps up the conversation telling me how much she misses the kids
    And how she is always here to help if I need anything.