Reasons I am Waiting In Line at the Bank

  1. I forgot that my Visa bill is due today and my accounts are at a different bank
    So it's too late to pay it online.
  2. There are only three tellers working
    And they are serving three customers
  3. One of the customers is a flirt
    It's pretty painful to watch.
  4. One is a senior
    He has asked her to count the money he is withdrawing. Out loud. Slowly. Multiple times.
  5. The other one is also a senior
    She can't decide how much money to withdraw. She keeps vacillating.
  6. The tellers serving the seniors are patient and lovely
    One of them has agreed to invite the money-counter to her wedding should she ever find a nice man to settle down with.
  7. It's worth the wait.
    Good job, hiring manager. These guys are awesome.