Reasons This App Makes Me Nervous

  1. I worry that when I add the letter u to to words like colour, all of the Americans will think I can't spell
    But I still want people to know that I am Canadian so that I can help with immigration-related questions when Donald Trump becomes president.
  2. I worry that all my posts are trite or unoriginal
    Like this one. Or the one I am working on about why cats are soft (their fur).
  3. This is the only social networking app I do other than Facebook
    Which is filled with real-life friends, not virtual strangers (pun intended)(actually not intended, that was terrible).
  4. I don't know which post will get four likes versus which one will get forty.
    And it makes me insecure (forty never has a u)
  5. I am so out of the loop I don't even know if it's referred to as an app or something else
    Or even how to begin adding those moving pictures*
  6. *I was kidding. I know what a GIF is. Please don't get me kicked off this app. I like it here.