Alternate Title: I am Clearly Irrational and I Might Need Help
  1. Scheduling appointments - personal maintenance
    Currently doing correspondence courses in optometry and dentistry and recently ordered a Flowbee. Seems easier than picking up the phone.
  2. Scheduling appointments- appliance maintenance
    It's easier to pre-wash my dishes than to call the dishwasher repair guy. Sometimes they need a quick post-wash too.
  3. Returning things
    I like to wait until the receipt is yellow with age for a more authentic experience.
  4. Checking the mail
    The Unabomber clearly scarred me in ways I don't even know
  5. Checking my voice mail
    So. Many. Buttons.
  6. Returning phone calls
    Because that would involve checking my messages and possibly scheduling an appointment.
  7. Paying bills
    Apparently I enjoy the rush I get from paying off my VISA hours before it's due.
  8. Giving up sugar
    Just kidding. That's not on my to-do list. I am not *that* crazy.