Summer Things I Will Miss the Most

  1. Lazy Mornings
    No-one actually sleeps in, but we can give the illusion of having done so by not getting dressed until eleven.
  2. Fro yo, ice cream and/or popsicles every day
    I am mildly surprised that none of us has slipped into a diabetic coma given the frequency with which these are consumed by me and my children between early June and late August (mid- September).
  3. S'mores
    I want it to be socially acceptable to eat these all-year-round. For dinner. Maybe breakfast too. Healthy lunch though.
  4. Hanging at our local park/wading pool.
    Picnics almost every night. Pizza and wine on Fridays. The wine is only for the adults and overly-excited children.
  5. Outdoor kid-movie nights in my backyard
    With all of their friends. In their jammies. More wine for the adults.
  6. These nice-looking puffy vests
    They were on sale at Walmart. Don't know what they are for. The kids wear them everywhere (even on boats!)
  7. Jean shorts
    My summer wardrobe is basically a rotation of various tank tops and jean shorts. Sure, it looks as though I am wearing the same outfit everyday, but it's a great way of telling who my true friends are.
  8. Having nowhere to go
    Want to hang out in a baby swing while wearing your brother's hat? Sure! We have time!
  9. Summer Funfairs!
    Where else can you spend seventy dollars in an afternoon and have nothing more than sticky, grouchy kids and an inflatable duck to show for it?
  10. Watching the neighbourhood kids play
    These guys are basically doing nothing and yet no-one will complain that they are bored.
  11. Lazy mornings
    I know I already said that, but I had trouble choosing a photo. Thank you for understanding.