Summertime Dinner Quandary

  1. Can I give my kids ice cream for supper?
    I could be a hardass and make them get berries and nuts on top. Or kale.
  2. Would fro yo be a healthier option?
    Yogurt is *very* healthy. Maybe too healthy?
  3. Would they mention it to their teachers?
    Would the teachers believe me when I call the kids liars?
  4. Would they tell my husband?
    Would my husband believe me when I call the kids liars?
  5. Will I be setting them up for a lifetime of unhealthy habits?
    But doesn't milk build strong bones and teeth? And we can walk. Both ways.
  6. Dairy Queen for dinner? Seriously?
    Dairy Queen has the word "Dairy" right in the title. Dairy connotes health and wholesomeness. And she is a Queen—she is obviously married to Burger King. Many people eat dinner at Burger King. And everyone knows that dairy is healthier than a burger.
  7. Why was I even questioning my excellent judgement?