1. The popping is slowing down, I had better stop the microwave
  2. But the bag doesn't look full yet
  3. But I hate burnt popcorn
  4. I will stop the microwave
  5. There are so many unpopped kernels
  6. But I have tons of popped ones! They will last forever!
  7. This whole bag was basically unpopped kernels.
  8. They can't taste that ba—crap. I think I broke a tooth.
  9. I know! I will put the unpopped kernels back in the microwave
  10. I think the instructions might specifically warn against doing that
  11. Meh. They obviously say that stuff to sell more pocorn
  12. I hear popping! Sweet victory!
  13. I am more than a cook. I'm a chef.
  14. It's slowing down, but I feel like I can get more out of this bag
  15. What's that smell? Why is there smoke?
  16. Fire averted and only three or four black pieces (which I am not desperate enough to eat)
  17. Black popcorn really tastes much better than it looks