1. Applying make-up
    Unless older and whorey is a look I should be going for
  2. Remembering that there is not a cone of silence between the front and back seats of my car
    "Mommy, what's a mother ducker?"
  3. Cooking without a recipe
    I have eggs, milk, cheese, mushrooms and a frying pan. No ideas. Crap.
  4. Staying clean
    Happily, I now have kids to blame
  5. Being right without gloating
    Just a tiny bit. Unless you are an a-hole.
  6. Dropping something when I know I'm right
    Agree to disagree? No thank you.
  7. Decluttering
    Empty house, empty mind?
  8. Trying new and exciting foods
    Unless they are members of the confection family
  9. Phoniness
    Apparently I am an eye roller.
  10. Subtlety
    Please see "eye rolling", Supra
  11. Going with the flow
    Oh please. Even the sound of that is ridiculous. Wouldn't you just end up drowning?