1. Boxes of popsicles that have melted and refrozen
    They are misshapen and stuck the wrappers, but if there is a popsicle shortage (an apopcalypse?) people will be begging for them.
  2. Positive pregnancy tests
    If you are disturbed by this, imagine how my husband would feel if he were to go through my bathroom cabinet, find them, and presume they are recent. In sum, it can always be worse.
  3. VHS tapes
    So that I can simply go to the basement, look for my VCR, bring it upstairs, look around for the appropriate cables, give up, go to the store, buy the cables, hook up the VCR, and watch Dead Poets Society anytime the fancy strikes me.
  4. Leftovers
    Until it has been five days. Five years if they are frozen.
  5. My kids' art work
    Unless it really sucks. Which rarely happens because they are prodigies (and only I recognise their genius).
  6. Old pyjamas and T-shirts that might one day be used for pyjamas
    I will be laughing when the great pyjama drought occurs.
  7. Halloween candy
    The crappy stuff left at the bottom of the bag. I might need it one day.
  8. Disappointing, slightly-used, hair products
    Someone once told me that it's important to pass down hairlooms. Drawer space is a small thing to sacrifice for my daughters' future happiness.