Alternate Title: Sorry, I Suck.
  1. Prepared for back to school
    So many forms. So. Much. Shopping.
  2. Went to a ball game
    Our guys won. Apparently. I was busy snacking.
  3. Eulogized my sweet grandmother
    She died two weeks ago. I miss her.
  4. Took my baby to preschool for the first time
    We go through the kabuki drop-off dance every Tuesday and Thursday morning but she refuses to stay and I can't leave her. Clearly neither of us is ready.
  5. Wrote something
  6. Started all the lessons
    Here is a picture of my youngest in what is obviously her judo attire
  7. Threw a birthday party for my now two-year-old.
    These are actually Angry Bird cupcakes, but everyone told me that they look like Elmo, so I went with it.
  8. Went to a hot air balloon festival
    So pretty, but you couldn't pay me enough to ride in one of those death traps.
  9. Went to the park. A lot.
    I don't want the nice weather to end (on the other hand, I also don't want the ice caps to melt).
  10. Went apple picking
    Moderation is a bit if an issue for me. Anyone need an apple crisp?
  11. Seriously.
  12. Read books
    Okay, book. It's been a busy three weeks.
  13. Felt guilty for not listing
    So guilty that I didn't even log in! I am so all-or-nothing. I really have missed everyone though.