I was an Android user for many years and recently switched to an iPhone because of the camera. Who knew the iPhone came with so many other amazing benefits.
  1. Teaches me about patience
    In three short months I have learned to stop throwing my iPhone against the wall when I have to type the same word eleven or twelve times because it keeps autocorrecting.
  2. Teaches me to be humble and not to embarrass easily
    When I haven't noticed the autocorrecting prior to humping out an email or posting a lick.
  3. Teaches me about conservation
    I used to be loosy goosy about turning on my phone whenever I wanted to use it and I would inevitably run out of batteries mid-morning. Never using my phone makes the battery last most of the day!
  4. Something to do on the weekends
    Who doesn't like to hang out at the Genius Bar? I have made so many nice-ish Genius friends in the many, many hours I have spent attempting to get my phone repaired
  5. Taught me to give up perfectionism
    Sometimes I have to give up after thirty or fortune attempts at a word and just post it the way it is.
  6. Makes me look cool and aloof
    If I were notified *every time* my phone rang or every time I got a text, I would be inclined to pick up. Sporadic notifications force me to be cool (the schools love that the most. They will chase you until you pick up).
  7. It has made me less judgy.
    I used to judge friends who sent misspelled, incoherent texts and emails (poor Rachel must have dropped out of school to support her family, given the quality of her spelling and grammar). Now I know that it's just the iPhone.