Not an exhaustive list.
  1. Being leered at
    Even though I am in my forties and surely don't have many good leering years left, it still makes me feel icky and uncomfortable.
  2. Hanging out with my MIL
    We are always one misunderstood joke or passive aggressive comment away from a murder suicide (it could go either way).
  3. Seeing people I haven't seen in a while
    I always worry that they are thinking that I haven't aged well or that I have become a huge dumb-dumb (is dumb-dumb even hyphenated? See? This is why people probably think I'm a dumb-dumb).
  4. Going to people's houses for dinner
    I am picky. I don't eat meat. I have allergies. I don't want to make cooking for me an ordeal. Can I please just bring us some take-out?
  5. The huge sign promoting Baconpalooza directly outside the pig barn at the farm.
    I just spent ten minutes watching the tiny newborn piglets nurse. It just seems kind of gross and heartless, no?