1. You know what your problem is Aviva? You love mommy too much.
    In response to my daughter saying "poor, poor mommy" after I hit my head on the fridge door.
  2. And when we grow up, you will probably be dead ....because you are so old. Or maybe not dead, just very, very old.
    I had just told him that I was sad that my sweet little babies were growing up too quickly.
  3. But I am smarter than you. And less klutzy.
    He stubbed his toe and I was trying to comfort him by telling him that it happens to me all the time.
  4. It depends. How many seconds in two minutes?
    I had asked him if he could go two minutes without complaining
  5. She is for sure younger than you. Waaaay younger
    Talking about his friend's mother
  6. Magicians don't tell how they do their tricks
    My daughter had proudly said that she'd made "magic" by eating her lunch and making it disappear.
  7. That's a good idea! Because then people will say "wow! You are *so* old and you still have brown hair.
    I had told him that when my hair goes gray, I plan to dye it.
  8. Mommy, I love you....but I love you a little more when I'm sick because you do more stuff for me.
    That one has started with so much promise. Meh, I'll take it.