What September's Arrival Means To Me

Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. The end of lazy mornings
    Not that waking up to an alarm and burning my throat trying to drink a cup of coffee while getting everyone out the door isn't also super-chill.
  2. My daughter's second birthday
    Last year I did owl cupcakes because she wasn't sleeping. This year I am thinking Ambien cupcakes. Same theme, new twist.
  3. The Sisyphean task of Making School lunches
    They want lunch every day.
  4. Seeing if winter boots fit.
    And snowsuits. And hats. It gets cold here long before the snow starts. Sigh.
  5. My baby starting preschool
    And my other babies starting grade two and senior kindergarten.
  6. Apple picking
    One short year later, that baby is old enough to walk, talk and pick her own apples (and hopefully bake a pie).
  7. Booking our annual trip to Florida!
    Something to look forward to as my favourite season comes to an end.