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The original Kueen of style
  1. 13.
    Sheer white panelling - what's not to love here, Kris has always been ahead of the style times and this sexy number proves it
  2. 12.
    Holidaying with the Simpsons (RIP Nicole) Kris is so 80s here it hurts. Love the polo neck jumper underneath what looks like a Daft Punk jacket
  3. 11.
    Kris' hair is such goals! Her dress is perfect for this candid happy family photo. Embellishment - check! Fancy earrings - check!
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  1. 1.
    John Torode is without doubt the best part of this show, a true god amongst men! Greg Wallace, his questionable co-presenter gets down with the contestants but John has the real expertise when it comes to the food. Whilst some find the voiceover woman highly irritating, I think she makes the show. The challenges where they have to mass cater are the best ones by far, overall a 10/10 show. Cooking doesn't get tougher than this
  2. 2.
    Nigella's series - any and all of them
    So much love to Nigella the culinary Queen! Everything she does is pure class
  3. 3.
    The Great British Bake Off
    Mary Berry aka queen of cakes is a joy to watch, Paul Hollywood less so but he's tolerable with Mel and Sue in tow. The show is so heartwarming you can't help but feel happy inside when it comes on every year
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  1. Some mothers do ave' em
    Classic British TV, this was a show for the whole family. Frank and Betty were the original relationship goals
  2. Keeping up appearances
    "Hello this is the bouquet residence" - laugh out loud funny from beginning to end. It was usually on around 4pm on a Sunday after the Eastenders omnibus. In my household, the biggest insult is being compared to Onslow
  3. University Challenge
    Mum would always shriek "oh you clever thing how on earth did you know that?" whenever anyone miraculously got a question right
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  1. OJ travelled around a lot. ✈️ New York to LA, LA to Chicago, you name it, he did it (I like to think that Kris Jenner got him some good discounts from her time as an air stewardess)
  2. The Goldman family earned publishing rights to the book after they learned that OJ wanted to profit from it
  3. His maid Miss Michele was apparently abused by Nicole Brown Simpson (NBS) - one time she slapped her round the face
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I love it with all of my mind, body and soul. Possibly the best kind of dairy product going
  1. I love milk so much. I think it stems from when I was a mere pup, I used to have it with every meal and now I can easily drink pints of it everyday
  2. In primary school, the best part of the day was always milk time. The sweet knowledge that you were getting your daily source of calcium (and other vital vitamins) in a small carton of joy was a constant comfort
  3. But whilst normal milk (definitely skimmed or semi-skimmed and never full fat), is utterly delicious, UHT is on an entirely different level
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  1. 13.
    Leo with all the hot air stewardesses, striding through the airport like a PIMP
  2. 12.
    Watching Leo hunt down Tom Hardy like the cold blooded, animalistic, vengeful, primal man he is in the Revenant
  3. 11.
    Leo looking 10/10 handsome playing Gatsby. A little party never killed nobody - right?
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These are all mostly Samantha
  1. Classic Samantha
  2. Oh woe
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All hail the culinary Queen
  1. Whenever she puts anything into her mouth in a provocative way. So sensual, so seductive
  2. When she was strangled in a cafe by villain Saatchi (only because it made us love her more and hate Saatchi)
  3. When she was going to court about disgraceful Saatchi and she still managed to look poised and beautiful
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  1. Ben's birthday 2014
    90s baby! The best house party of all time (well it was up there), so much denim, wavy outfits and the best fling pictures we've ever had!
  2. Sherri's birthday 2014
    Whilst Eloise was making a blessed penis cake at home, the rest of the elements were getting crunk in the Ram and Arena, resulting in a hilarious night spent in A&E
  3. Eloise's birthday 2014
    The cake was special, the night was crazy. Everyone was 10/10 mortal at the Lemmy, it was gr8
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  1. 1.
    Kris Jenner
    The matriarch of all matriarchs, Kris manages to keep the whole family in check whilst getting down with the kids. The ultimate role model, what's not to love? Her love of wine and home cooking is inspiring. She loves her friends and her weird celebrity extension of her family.Without Kris, the world would not be the place is it today, all hail Kueen Kris
  2. 2.
    Kim Kardashian
    As the favourite daughter of Kris, it's only natural she should come next. As the modern day Mary she combines holiness and sex appeal like no one else on earth. Possibly the most self-centred member of the family, Kim is unashamedly all about #1. North and Saint are mere accessories to her mission of world domination. This woman can do it all, act, sing (don't forget the legendary "Jam"), pole dance, look great at all times etc etc. She's the Lord Sugar of American business
  3. 3.
    Kourtney Kardashian
    The straight-talking, no-nonsense, emotionally-stunted Kueen. She gives zero fucks at all times as is never afraid to tell her family when they get out of line. Her frosty nature and great one-liners are the most entertaining thing about KUWTK and her genuine love for her kids is v heartwarming. Overall the greatest of eggs
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