Best birthdays the elements have had

  1. Ben's birthday 2014
    90s baby! The best house party of all time (well it was up there), so much denim, wavy outfits and the best fling pictures we've ever had!
  2. Sherri's birthday 2014
    Whilst Eloise was making a blessed penis cake at home, the rest of the elements were getting crunk in the Ram and Arena, resulting in a hilarious night spent in A&E
  3. Eloise's birthday 2014
    The cake was special, the night was crazy. Everyone was 10/10 mortal at the Lemmy, it was gr8
  4. Lucy's birthday 2015
    A delicious feast at Las Igunasas! Her outfit was also 10/10 on this night
  5. Sherri's birthday 2015
    Another great house party at Elmside, boozin for hours
  6. Eloise's birthday 2015
    The mafia themed extravaganza! Delicious food, great ambiance and a never ending supply of cocktails
  7. Ben's birthday 2015
    A fantastic trip to T K maxx, a delicious meal at firehouse and a tasty birthday cake
  8. Sherri's birthday 2016
    A five day bender of food, frivolity and fun between Exeter and Bristol. Possibly the best week of my life to date
  9. Eloise's birthday 2016
    Living room transformed into a birthday grotto, a chilled day boozin at the firehouse and a welcomed FT with Lucy, all in all a truly blessing day