Best Nigella Lawson moments of all time

All hail the culinary Queen
  1. Whenever she puts anything into her mouth in a provocative way. So sensual, so seductive
  2. When she was strangled in a cafe by villain Saatchi (only because it made us love her more and hate Saatchi)
  3. When she was going to court about disgraceful Saatchi and she still managed to look poised and beautiful
  4. When she wore a burkinki on holiday. Enough said
  5. That time she "let her hair down at a charity do"
  6. When she spoke for humans everywhere
  7. When she snuck down to her kitchen in this sexy dressing gown and made herself a midnight snack (this actually happened several times in one of her series)
  8. When she did her series Nigelissima and wore this top on nearly every episode, still trying to track it down to this day
  9. When she was trying out some new beauty buys
  10. When she showed us pictures of her travels in Thailand and said "happiness trumps good hair"
  11. When she made pizza and ate it from a height. Also this cardigan became her signature look from 2009-2011
  12. When she went on holiday with her deeply unattractive kids, which only revealed how beautiful she actually is and how not beautiful both of her children are
  13. When she sold some young pictures of herself at Oxford to the press lololol
  14. When she tried to appeal to our inner slob (it worked)
  15. Whenever she uses any of her amazing utensils, such as the tiny spoon or her adorable mini sauce pan
  16. When she did the Christmas shoot that resembled someone's winter wedding outfit on Eastenders