Best TV Cookery Shows

  1. 1.
    John Torode is without doubt the best part of this show, a true god amongst men! Greg Wallace, his questionable co-presenter gets down with the contestants but John has the real expertise when it comes to the food. Whilst some find the voiceover woman highly irritating, I think she makes the show. The challenges where they have to mass cater are the best ones by far, overall a 10/10 show. Cooking doesn't get tougher than this
  2. 2.
    Nigella's series - any and all of them
    So much love to Nigella the culinary Queen! Everything she does is pure class
  3. 3.
    The Great British Bake Off
    Mary Berry aka queen of cakes is a joy to watch, Paul Hollywood less so but he's tolerable with Mel and Sue in tow. The show is so heartwarming you can't help but feel happy inside when it comes on every year
  4. 4.
    Come Dine with me
    Dave Lamb - the best voice over man on TV really makes this show what it is. Mostly the contestants and their food is shite but it's very entertaining. Series 1, episode 1 is the best by far, I highly suggest that everyone watches this
  5. 5.
    Jamie Oliver (any of his many shows)
    I have so much time for Jamie Oliver, a proper sound lad from Essex
  6. 6.
    Saturday Kitchen
    RIP James Martin (he's not actually dead but he recently left the show after 10 glorious years). Great TV for a lazy Saturday morning, I specifically love the awkward sommelier who goes to random branches of M&S and Sainsburys around the UK
  7. 7.
    Rick Stein goes to...
    So much love for this man, he peaked in about 2009 but he'll always hold a special place in my heart. Love his over use of salt, butter and oil - a heart attack waiting to happen
  8. 8.
    Big Cook, Little Cook
    Such fond memories watching this as a mere pup. I used to love it when Little Cook flew on his wooden spoon to a factory somewhere to see how different food is made. I still know all the words to their special song