Favourite Leo Movies/ Moments

The man, the god
  1. 13.
    Leo with all the hot air stewardesses, striding through the airport like a PIMP
  2. 12.
    Watching Leo hunt down Tom Hardy like the cold blooded, animalistic, vengeful, primal man he is in the Revenant
  3. 11.
    Leo looking 10/10 handsome playing Gatsby. A little party never killed nobody - right?
  4. 10.
    The sex scene in R&J
  5. 9.
    Leo as a hot little spice as a 5 minute rich man in Titanic
  6. 8.
    Leo in the Beach in every single scene (apart from when he fucks Tilda Swinton - she does not deserve that gift)
  7. 7.
    Leo about to shoot that weird looking man in Inception
  8. 6.
    Spying Leo through the fishes in R&J (the sexual awakening for many a 90s child)
  9. 5.
    Leo still managing to look great in Shutter Island as a crazed man, even in this films horrible colouring
  10. 4.
    Finally winning his Oscar - about bloody time
  11. 3.
    Leo smoking any cigarette in any film ever
  12. 2.
    Leo eating white cake in Django Unchained - possibly the best looking piece of food in the history of cinema #claim
  13. 1.
    THIS. Romeo as an outlaw hiding from Prince Escalus and his men (no words, no words...)