The Kardashian Family, Ranked

  1. 1.
    Kris Jenner
    The matriarch of all matriarchs, Kris manages to keep the whole family in check whilst getting down with the kids. The ultimate role model, what's not to love? Her love of wine and home cooking is inspiring. She loves her friends and her weird celebrity extension of her family.Without Kris, the world would not be the place is it today, all hail Kueen Kris
  2. 2.
    Kim Kardashian
    As the favourite daughter of Kris, it's only natural she should come next. As the modern day Mary she combines holiness and sex appeal like no one else on earth. Possibly the most self-centred member of the family, Kim is unashamedly all about #1. North and Saint are mere accessories to her mission of world domination. This woman can do it all, act, sing (don't forget the legendary "Jam"), pole dance, look great at all times etc etc. She's the Lord Sugar of American business
  3. 3.
    Kourtney Kardashian
    The straight-talking, no-nonsense, emotionally-stunted Kueen. She gives zero fucks at all times as is never afraid to tell her family when they get out of line. Her frosty nature and great one-liners are the most entertaining thing about KUWTK and her genuine love for her kids is v heartwarming. Overall the greatest of eggs
  4. 4.
    Khloe Kardashian
    She's funny and she knows it. Never afraid to tell her sisters to shut the fuck up, Khloe is the relatable sister who we all aspire to become. However her relationship with wastrel Lamar is highly questionable, thus she ranks at a respectable #4
  5. 5.
    Rob Kardashian
    Oh Rob. He fell of the bandwagon hard. Back in 2009 he was the ultimate crush and was keeping it real 24/7. Now with a baby on the way with Blac Chyna (yuck), and weighing about 2000lbs, he has deteriorated like a banana left out in the sun. Oh how the mighty have fallen...
  6. 6.
    Kendall Jenner
    Kudos to Kendall for becoming a supermodel, the girl has done good. Yet, for me, there's something missing in her dry personality that she hasn't inherited from Kueen Kris. Maybe she's too sensible? Maybe she's not funny enough? She'll never reach the dizzying heights of her older sisters but she'll go far in the celeb world, that's for sure
  7. 7.
    Kylie Jenner
    The ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing, this girl is a FAKE. Everything about her is loathsome from her artificial looks to the stupid voice than she puts on. If I were Kris, I would have disowned her about two years ago. This girl needs a reality check, preferably one that kicks her back into the box where she belongs! Goodbye
  8. 8.
    Caitlyn Jenner
    As much as she is an inspiration to the Trans community etc, for me I don't like her style. The way she's bashed Kris on her way up (to quote Kim) and her lack of respect towards her loving family is very questionable. She could do with some lessons in manners and vernacular of every sort...