Things I learned from the book "If I did it" by OJ Simpson

  1. OJ travelled around a lot. ✈️ New York to LA, LA to Chicago, you name it, he did it (I like to think that Kris Jenner got him some good discounts from her time as an air stewardess)
  2. The Goldman family earned publishing rights to the book after they learned that OJ wanted to profit from it
  3. His maid Miss Michele was apparently abused by Nicole Brown Simpson (NBS) - one time she slapped her round the face
  4. Miss Michele was replaced by a woman called Gigi (I would very much like to know the nationalities of these women but there's no mention of that)
  5. His kids, Justin and Sydney, had a pretty hectic life (pray for those kids, they're probably "not quite right" now)
  6. Faye Resnik, Nicole's BFF, sniffed the coke like there was no tomorrow - she was actually in rehab when Nicole was killed
  7. OJ was not particularly close to his family (according to Faye he didn't even have any black friends apart from partner in crime -literally- AC)
  8. He had a very lucrative sponsorship deal with Hertz. In my theory - one of his hertz cars was used during the murders...
  9. A white Bronco is a perfect getaway car
  10. His sex life was fruitful to say the least (apparently him and Nicole had sex up to 5 times a day, everyday). As well as Nicole, he had liaisons with up to 5000 women - supposedly...
  11. Going to dinner several times in one night was perfectly acceptable in the 80s, especially to Mezzaluna or La Scala
  12. Robert Kardashian (known to him as Bobby), was one of his BFFs but is hardly mentioned at all in the book. Suspicious aye?
  13. A lot of his side of the story is obviously one big fabrication. The details of his life are so detailed - how did he remember such things over twenty years after they happened?
  14. Marcia Cross truly was the unsung hero of the whole trial (such an inspiration to women)
  15. No one will ever really know what happened on that fateful night, (but we can safely say that OJ is best locked up in prison as we speak)