1. Go to Verona and stroke the breast of Juliet (as recommended by @lucymelia)
  2. Reenact the balcony scene in Verona between Romeo and Juliet
  3. Eat some Parma ham in Parma
  4. Ask someone for obscure directions to a non-existent place in Italian
  5. Get a slight tan on the face
  6. Eat some delicious gelato
  7. Buy some Italian face wipes/ baby wipes to experience the difference (if there is any)
  8. Enjoy some cheap vino
  9. Skip through the streets with Els/Ben/Lucy at night
  10. Experience and Italian clüb
  11. Reenact the scene in Bend it like Beckham in the clüb (I realise that this was not in Italy but I imagine the atmosphere to be similar)
  12. Steal some UHT milk from the hotel
  13. See where Lucy Melia lives IRL
  14. Take lots of Polaroids on the instax
  15. Experience some Italian water (as in bodies of water not just boring drinking water)
  16. Be blessed by an Italian religious figure (preferably a cardinal or high nun)