I saw Sofia's list the other day, thought it would fun to list some of my items.
  1. Lamp
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  2. Orchid
    9b0a9735 9654 4cf1 9e92 7878eea9d051
  3. Business card holder
    Be3a2ec8 406a 4464 8b6b 2cd7e636553b
  4. Pumpkin
    A286e08a 1b6c 4163 91fc ae32fb6f4bed
  5. Fortune cat, the money grabber
    F283e8f0 fc8b 409c bacc c3ce739ecd72
  6. A happy butterfly
    Dfcf8033 9634 43de 990f 930a45c20833
  7. Wall hangers
    1c793cd5 420e 4f74 bf52 6c5bb53410c8
  8. My business partner, Vance Weisbruch
    294409f8 61e0 40db 930c 47c9b7ba9464
  9. Whole picture
    010f0517 762e 439c 8d27 32d1b9937058