My list to ensure you are driving in accordance with law, with courtesy, and like a decent human being in the Washington, DC area
  1. Blinkers. Use them. I am not a mind reader and would like to be informed before you cut me off.
  2. Headlights. Use them. Especially if it's dark, raining, foggy or all three. Don't curse at me because I didn't see you in your slate grey car in low visibility.
  3. Space. You see that car length distance between me and the car in front of me? Yeah. That's not for you to put your car because my lane *might* be moving faster. And if you're going to do it anyway, please use your blinker (see #1)
  4. Lane Changing. Trust me. The other lane is NOT moving any faster. Cutting me off to get an advantage is what is causing the traffic.
  5. Phones and Laptops. TURN THEM OFF AND PUT THEM AWAY. Who are you talking to at 6 in the morning? And I know you're texting - no one looks at their crotch that much.
  6. We're all in a hurry to get to wherever it is we're going. Obey the above and it will all go a little smoother.