Why is it there? Why is it so small? Can you fit your fingers in there? What is it for?
  1. Boogers
    No one ever plans to pick their nose, so you never have anywhere to put it. If you aren't in the car (under the seat) or near a dog (in their mouth), then fifth pocket it!
  2. Nail clippings
    You are the only one in your family sick enough to do this in the living room. You'll be busted if someone steps on a scrap, but you also need to move fast before you are caught. Or, you're in a meeting and you bite a nail off. It's a big one, you don't want to swallow it (you saw on 20/20 it could cut your intestines), fifth pocket it!
  3. Cat hair
    They've been on your lap for an hour and a lot of hair has accumulated on their butt. You aren't going to get up, but it's flying everywhere and you are sure you'll sneeze soon and ruin everything. Ball it up and fifth pocket it!
  4. piece of candy you saved for later but now can't get it out of fifth pocket so it melts in there and is forever stuck inside!
    Suggested by @jenisoutrageous