Hidden Gems at the Southern Market Knoxville, TN

Today I finally ventured into The Southern Market which is made up of cute little boutique-like shops that have a little bit of everything. These were some of my favorite things spotted today. Please note, there were lots of Christmas items, but I am in no way ready for that, so you'll have to check that out on your own.
  1. Game day dress
    I love this dress because it's not just plain orange & those pleats are to die for. Perfect for work or tailgating. Only $39!!!
  2. State of Tennessee woodcut
    We've all seen the state of Tennessee as a decoration, but I enjoy the addition of famous people & places. Makes it more interesting. $27.99
  3. Clever kitchen towel
    I am such a sucker for these kinds of towels & they were all over with sayings, pictures, & anything else you'd like. I've never encountered this saying though & love the cheekiness of it. $13.99
  4. Ceramic plates with initials
    This would be absolutely perfect on a coffee table or as a dish for jewelry. $29.99
  5. Congrats card
    Maybe I just like shiny things, but this card is calling my name! There with birthday cards available as well. $5.50
  6. Fancy napkins
    I am not normally the fancy napkin kinda gal, unless I made them myself, but how perfect would these be to class up a tailgate or Thanksgiving dinner? Plus, you still have to do at least a little work which means you're not lying when you say you did it yourself ☺️ $12.00
  7. Wine charms
    Normally I'd walk right by these, but the names in & of themselves make me want these. I'm already thinking about who is my "Shoogie Whoogie" & "Googley Bear". $32.00
  8. Knoxville Holiday Candle
    As I said, I am not quite ready for Christmas stuff yet, but I couldn't resist sniffing this delight. It smells so good & there are other options as well if you're not in the holiday mood yet. $27.00
  9. Sweets!
    I had to steal this photo from Sugar Mama's Bakery because I was so distracted by the yumminess that I forgot to snap a photo. Most intriguing were the brown butter chocolate chip cookies & the homemade marshmallows. Both would be prefect with a cup of cocoa.