1. Sexy Chef Diet (Sugar Buster)
    My first foray into diet programs. I initially liked the food I was eating but very repetitive like almost every week I was eating the same thing repetitive. Haha. I'm amazed that I lasted a couple of months with this diet.
  2. Spruce Liquid Diet
    Tried this just for a day and miserably failed. I cheated and ate solids around lunch time. Liked the taste of the juices but very pricey for the product received.
  3. Six Pack Chef
    I tried a week long subscription first just to see if the food tastes good as it's cheaper than Sexy Chef. Loved my experience with this program. The food tasted great. So after a few weeks, I subscribed to the month-long program. Let me tell you that it was the longest month in my life! The food still tastes great but I cannot stand eating beef for lunch almost every day! And chicken for dinner with the occasional fish. I hate the white fish they use though as I don't like belly fat.
  4. ...
    But i love it when they use salmon, wish they could do without the white fish dish that's probably bangus. One good thing with this diet was that I ate a lot of vegetables, even the ones I don't normally eat. I probably lost just about 3 lbs with this diet and that doesn't really count.
  5. DIY Starbucks sandwich diet
    Probably the most effective of the bunch! Ate sandwiches for lunch for about 3 months with no exercise and I lost about 10 lbs but it was a pretty sad experience.
  6. Walking around Japan
    I love Japan. I'm already starting to plan for another trip to this country next year. I was actually surprised that I lost weight since most of the time I ate cake and other pastries for lunch! Oh and lots of japanese rice! I lost about 5 lbs in about 9 days of walking, walking and WALKING. Lol It's probably a lot of water weight....