1. Hope Springs
    No facial hair, boyish face but great chemistry with his onscreen girlfriend. One word: steamy. Oh yeah his crying scene in the last episode was great too. It's too bad this show lasted only one season.
  2. Game of Thrones
    Love his crying while hysterically slashing a tree scene right after news of Ned Stark's death. Are you sensing a pattern here? Crying RM is my kryptonite. This performance pretty much made me interested in his work. I used to stan Kit Harington up until this point.
  3. Worried About the Boy
    Who knew that I would come to love watching him kissing his co-stars? This time with Douglas Booth (another pattern). He cries a bit here too!
  4. Birdsong
    Fast forwarded to the war portions of the movie. Crying scene with Redmayne present was A+. But another role wherein he dies. Sigh.
  5. Sirens (UK)
    This probably cemented my love for RM! And also made me create a tumblr blog that I now neglect. Love his performance here (also his wardrobe) - and he didn't die or cry! I love this show that I made my friends watch this too. Sadly, this lasted only a season.
  6. Cinderella
    Hate what they did to his hair. Why can't Prince Charming have curly hair? Oh I remember watching an interview of him recounting his screen test that he had to wear different jock straps and that they would stare at his crotch to see if its disney-appropriate. Did they succeed? Nope.
  7. In Love with Shakespeare