Here are the pictures. I don't really remember what I ate. But everything was delicious.
  1. Starter
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  2. Crab dish
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  3. Assortment of little things
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  4. White miso soup
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  5. Noodles with fish roe. FAVE.
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    I'll go back just for this dish.
  6. Steamed crab
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  7. Grilled crab
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  8. Crab fat etc
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  9. I can't remember what's inside this soup dish
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  10. Cod milt AKA fish sperm.
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    Ha. Good thing we did not know what this is while we were eating it. It was actually okay.
  11. Rice
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  12. Fig with yogurt
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  13. Rice cake
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  14. Bonus: Cute assistant chef with the crab we ate.
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