An alarming amount of these are about not having my life together.
  1. My worst nightmare.
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  2. The never-ending struggle.
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  3. I have never identified with a sign so deeply before.
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  4. Alcohol: basically the only redeeming factor of being an adult.
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  5. Classic.
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  6. Yes.
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  7. "o shit"
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  8. Whales, the way to my heart.
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  9. We are all Tyrone.
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  10. That's me back there.
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  11. Iconic.
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  13. Forever and always.
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  14. This one's for the laaaadiiieeesssss
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  15. Re: everyone
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  16. Same, Sheldon.
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  17. An acceptable response to dumb pictures.
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  18. Me on campus all throughout college.
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