I haven't made a list since the app went public but my love of gifts officially outweighs any hesitation I had. Here are things I love, to inspire any secret Santas out there.
  1. Potions, oils, and facial mists
    Anything whose bottle looks like it could have come from an apothecary or a hippie's garden-cum-kitchen or that claims to have highly unlikely herbal/magical powers.
  2. Crystals, dreamcatchers, evil eyes on anything
    Same idea. I like allowing inanimate objects to take over dealing with my problems.
  3. Nostalgic 90s toys, stickers, games, and memorabilia
    Stuff from the 80s works too.
  4. Something for my dog Pixie
    She is an affenpinscher and loves treats and soft things to lie on (as do I).
  5. A cool or special or funny or meaningful book
  6. Any animal-shaped housewares
    Yes, I am basic in this way.
  7. Anything weird or vintage or cool from Etsy
    Books from the 70s with awesome covers, wall hangings made of yarn or felt, ashtrays, forgotten board games, old magazines, funny/cute cross-stitches, household items covered in stickers, Peter Max memorabilia, and so on.
  8. Pretty much anything you choose
    I love gifts. I love giving them and receiving them and it's hard for me to name a gift I haven't loved. Thank you, whoever you are!