I just received the most magnificent Secret Santa package from @justjills and I need to brag about it.
  1. This 90s mix CD
    Cannot wait to blast this in my car which not only still has a CD player but a tape deck as well. Soooo 90s.
  2. A treat for Pixie
    She started freaking out when I opened the box so I knew there had to be something for her inside.
  3. Princess Bride magnet
    How do you know not just my soul but also my ever-present magnet needs, Secret Santa?
  4. Ladybug kitchen timer
    Yes! My old one is broken and definitely not shaped like a ladybug! Yes!
  5. This beautiful mug
    For cozy mornings (and afternoons and evenings) in my house.
  6. Nessie soup ladle
    Does this require an explanation?