I love shoes, I love Jordan's in particular. But I've only started learning about this severely dense world of the sneakerhead culture last year and I immediately hated it.
  1. Severe first world problems when it comes to their shoes.
    Oh man sorry to hear about that little scratch on your shoes bro. Maybe try levitating so that your shoes never ever touch the ground & get scuffed.
  2. I get caught up in the hype with shoes that I normally wouldn't notice at first glance.
  3. At no point ever in life should someone "desperately need" any shoe.
  4. This fucking guy.
    "Oh honey, hang on let me take a photo of my shoes first and then let's go have that baby!"
  5. Any type of Yeezy release day.
  6. This guy standing on the edge of his couch to show his ultra boosts.
    Why the fuck are you standing there out of all places?
  7. That day Kanye released that song where he said Yeezy jumped over Jumpman and all the sneakerheads had a cry about it.
  8. Resellers
  9. People wearing hats with the word RESELLER on it
  10. Commenting 'Goals' on any photo where there's plenty of shoes in line, in a closet, stacked up etc.