Moving away from home, I obviously miss my bed and my dogs, but here are some other things I didn't expect to miss as much as I do (not in any order!!!)
  1. My bed
    Because like, duh. I have the best bed at home. Pillow top, firm mattress, queen size. Best ever.
  2. My dog, Stella
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  3. My parents bed
    Equally comfy as mine, and always made.
  4. My dog, Brady
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  5. My friends
    Having them close by, having friends in general, always being invited to stuff
  6. Having a kitchen
    Cooking, baking, slicing, dicing, all that stuff. Also, nice flatware and silverware.
  7. Good bagels
  8. My shower head
    Dorm showers are ruining my hair
  9. Not having to take an elevator to my room
    I'm on the 7th floor, yo
  10. A private bathroom
    Because people are gross
  11. Having a car
    Shoutout to my lovely honda civic hybrid!!! I miss being able to go wherever, whenever, and even though I constantly complained, driving my friends around.
  12. Knowing my surroundings well
    The valley rocks. The city rocks. I know them both well. And I don't know anything about anything related to geography here. I'm learning though!
  13. My regular Thai place
    Where they knew me, and never made me pay extra for additional tofu
  14. My regular Mexican place
    See: Thai place. Also, great guacamole. Also, bonus points for being a tiny hole in the wall and not speaking English.
  15. Drive through Krispy Kreme
    I mean, duh.
  16. Coffee bean
    Why are there no coffee beans here???? Love you peets, but I need my milk free iced chai and winter dream hot tea.
  17. My siblings fighting
    And me not getting in trouble
  18. The beach
    Even if I didn't go all the time, it was always there as an option. Even though traffic and parking always are a pain in the ass.
  19. The 405/101 interchange
    I don't know why I miss this??? But I do???
  20. Freeways in general
    ???????? I guess freedom???? I miss it okay???
  21. Traffic???
    Especially going down the 405 into the valley before the 101 interchange and looking over the whole (relevant parts of the) valley
  22. My synagogue
    I basically lived there, so like, duh. Also the people there are amazing. Shout out to you, Adat.
  23. Routine
    Why is routine not a thing here?? College is weird. I like schedules. And lists (ha).
  24. The option to do cool things if I wanted to, and to stay home if I wanted to
    No one judged you if you stayed home on s Saturday night in high school. Let's go back to that mentality.