this was requested by @rabbipatrick (my cool new rabbi list app friend) - I hope I do him proud
  1. too much info (much of it is not legit)
    it’s simultaneously a very exciting and very @*#%ed-up time in nutrition. So many people are interested in wellness, and yet so much content is ad-libbed by internet folks. There’s so much misappropriated info out there, and quite frankly, it confuses the crap out of everyone. People wind up feeling like, “Welp, it’s gonna be a new thing tomorrow,” or “Why even adrenals are ruined.” Or they run straight to the next fad. 😩😩😩 It's not all ruined!!! You can always start somewhere!!!
  2. "Nutritionists"
    anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Literally anyone. Ppl read a holistic nutrition book and then start recommending turmeric to everyone, and now they're a "holistic health coach". I'm super down with turmeric and all things holistic - but you gotta have a real degree (pre med stuff [org chem/bio chem]/residency&rotations at a major hospital/take boards) in order to give ppl nutrition advice, ethically. RX interactions are a great example of why this isn't kosher (4 my new rabbi friend)
  3. headlines like this
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  4. talking down to ppl
    it thoroughly irks me when “wellness experts” sit on an “I’ve figured all this 💩 out” throne. It's so rude and annoying and lame. The truth is, I’ve helped a lot of people including myself. I’m not perfect. Nobody is. But I do walk the walk (except I could def b better about hydrating on super busy days).
  5. ads for baby-weight scorching teatoxes
    just no. Unrealistic and makes ppl feel like crap 😔😔😔
  6. beets don't kale my vibe paraphernalia
    of any kind. No disrespect if that's your vibe. But for me, no thx ever. And while we're at it I'm good on Kale Yeah apparel unless it's on Beyoncé.
  7. people treat me like a confessional in social settings
    you'd be surprised by how many ppl rattle off their "food days" to me in social settings. It actually usually doesn't bother me (I love that ppl trust me with their stuff), but sometimes it's a little much, like when I'm receiving a massage, you know?
  8. people often comment on what I'm eating - this is to be expected and generally totally cool, but sometimes not the best (see below)
    after my weekly therapy appt I hit up sycamore kitchen for their Italian chop and potato chips. Sometimes I meet ppl there, and other times I take myself. It's always👌🏽. I get the chips (not as a reward) but bc I want them and then savor every morsel (truly exceptional). Bc sycamore is a place ppl go, I often run into someone I know, and on several occasions the person with the person I know makes a comment like "wait, you're eating potato chips, I thought you were nutritionist!?!?!??!?!!!?"
  9. wow, felt super good to vent!! But just to b clear, you guys can ask me anything. I love my job. Mucho.